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Synopsis and details


I have long dreamed of leaving a monotonous life to hit the road but I've never done it until the day I met Greg.
Greg adopted the travel as a lifestyle and made me share his daily life spent on the road.
In his philosophy of travel, Greg has established five different degrees equivalent to five different ways to travel.
I realized over the adventures and encounters that have been made ​​on the roads of Eastern Europe, India and the United States that there was a sixth degree; a degree that, when it reaches you, change your perception of the world and its multiple realities. A sixth degree that transports you or destroys you.

Duration: 116 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Produced, written, directed and edited by: Nicolas Gans
Narrated by: Luis Costa

Music: Pain d'Épices and Josh Woodward

Artwork: Bridget Walker

Translation (international version): Zora Taoussi and Samantha King

Production: Orbis Films
Nationality: France

Production year: 2013

History of the project is available on the Ulule page.

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The message of the director


Who has not once had the urge to leave everything to the road? Who has not dreamed of a breath of freedom so intense that it lost his mind. I lived this breath following the footsteps and the crazy energy of Greg fueled by his inexhaustible thirst for discovery. By following these steps I have rubbed shoulders with the most beautiful peaks and I got lost in the deepest abyss. I invite you, through my film to follow us on this crazy journey that took us around the globe.

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