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Nicolas Gans


Nicolas Gans, born February 24th 1984 in Paris, is a French filmmaker. Self-taught, he learn the job into directing short projects.

In 2007 he directed his first documentary, a 52 minutes film entitled "Talibés - Le temps d'un échange".

In 2013, he finished its second documentary; a feature film, shooted around the planet and entitled "The Traveler's 6th Degree."

In 2014, he set up his production company, named Orbis Films, to promote his work via his website.



To access the website, click on the blue logo on the top left.

Short projects

Yelas - Deserted.jpg

Yelas - Deserted


Genre : Clip

Production : 2018


Camille Devance - Rue de Paradis


Genre: Clip

Production: 2017


Camille Devance - Barbe Bleue


Genre: Clip

Production: 2016


Camille Devance - Abracadabra


Genre: Clip

Production: 2014


Travis Gordon - Mandibules


Genre: Clip

Production: 2014


© Orbis Films 2019

Vernissage sur le thème des années 1950

Genre: Report

Production: 2016


Cacharel - Collection Été 2010

Genre: Backstage

Production: 2010


Long projects

The Traveler's 6th Degree

Documentary (116 min)

Film wesbsite:

Production: 2009-2013


Talibés - Le temps d'un échange

(only in french)

Documentary (52 min)

Film wesbsite:

Production: 2006-2008


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